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The End: My Final Thoughts and Conclusions

Wednesday December 23, 2009

Hey readers! I know it's been a while! For those of you who are still reading, or wanted a follow up, my only excuse for the lateness of this post is because I felt I needed to sit and let this trip brew in my mind for a while.

You see, it hadn't really hit me that we accomplished such an audacious task, but after conversations and questions from people who I talk to about it now, and after seeing US maps and just being in awe, it has set in a little more. I could easily sit here and write 30 pages about how things are now, and how I changed and feel after biking across the US, but I'll spare you.

Instead, I want you to just imagine what it's like to see every kind of terrain, and what it's like to smell every kind of air, to feel wind from every direction, to hear a different kind of bird each morning when you wake up. These are all things that taught me some humility. Humans are amazing creatures, you tell us we can't do something, it makes us want to succeed more. You tell us there is a view up on the hill, and we'll find a way, no matter how difficult it is, to get there. We are caught in an enigma, we want to belong to something, but we also want to feel small among the world that we live on. I think putting yourself through something like we did really emphasizes all of those aspects of human nature. We didn't try to get in shape, we didn't bike for a cause, and we didn't try to win a race. Instead we set out for ourselves to feed on experience.

We've been home now for 2 months. I am struggling to find a job. Dugg got a month long stint working at UPS and his time is up tomorrow. Sonny is working back at CAT and hasn't talked to us since our last night together in San Fran (I'm hoping he's just really busy). Reality came in and hit us hard, and it sucks, but the only way to deal with a problem is face it and never give up, again something that was a constant occurrence during our travels.

I told many people this along the way, and I'll say it here. Jump around, play, sing, and find a way to get your ass on some sort of trip that will take you somewhere different. Get up and get out of your comfort zone, bring friends, and measure yourself against all the odds. And most importantly, HAVE FUN. Because if you aren't having fun, you're doing it wrong, and what is the point if you're not enjoying every moment? We did something meaningful with our time, and you can too. Just take that step and grab opportunity at first glance.

I want to thank EVERYONE that we met and stayed with, there are so many people I'm not going to name anyone because I know I'll forget the others. Just know that you made our trip worth it, and we'd do it again in a heartbeat if it meant we got to hang out with you generous folks out there. This entry is going to be my last, then my journal days are done for a while (I'm sure some people are thankful for that haha). I think I'll end with one of the most powerful things I read during our trip, that was in the most obscure of places:

"The time to be happy is now, The place to be happy is here."

Always remember that. Take care and good luck on your own journeys.

-Cole Bear signing off

some new pics and vid

added some new pics to the picasa album. also have this video that cole's dad made

dugg and cole spectacular from douglas kwan on Vimeo.

bicycle carnage: all the broken bike parts

Tuesday November 3, 2009

nothing too bad except the busted rims. many flats. -dugg
nimbus armadillo tire failed. tread delaminated and is peeling off

nail through the armadillo

cole's destroyed rim
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picasa web album of all the pics i took from the trip.


updating from the mac store in santa rosa

got a big storm coming through the coast. we made it to point arena last night. decided to take a bus for the last 120 miles instead of riding the tail end of a typhoon. cole and i are in santa rosa. sonny took a bus to ukiah and is taking the train to san fran. we couldnt fit all the bikes on one bus so we took seprate busses. cole and i are headed to take another bus into san fran soon. -dugg

West Coast: Can't believe we made it

Tuesday October 6, 2009

Well we did it. on Oct 1st we arrived on the coast, listening to Count of Tuscany as we pulled up to the shore, dipped the wheels, the whole deal. I'm pressed for time right now, we need to go ride, but I'd like to thank everyone real quick, and just let people know I'll be back in CT on October 19th. Just bought the train tickets so we have a bit of a schedule now. I will post a little more later, just thought I'd say something about our arrival here, it's breathtaking. Oh and to all the people who are reading this who are offended, I don't care, plain and simple. Take care!

-Cole Bear out

made it to the coast: last day in or today

Tuesday October 6, 2009

long time no post. made it to the coast a few day ago. pics and stuff -dugg
wrost coast to coast celebration buffet ever

riding the coast

we made it
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made it to the coast: last day in or today

sleeping on a bridge because of the sprinklers in sisters or

sleeping by the lake/river in detroit or

i have no idea what we are laughing about, probably bitches

billy is the real deal. this store in portland had all the toys that billy would love
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headed to sisters

Saturday September 26, 2009

blah blah just pics -dugg
this means start climbing not snow

highschool bitches in prineville, or
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headed to sisters

sonny hangin out with jesus

pancakes for breakfast

john day gorge

henry the bear in mitchell, or
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in dayville

Wednesday September 23, 2009, 3,750 miles (6,035 km) - Total so far: 3,842 miles (6,183 km)

so eastern oregon is very rural. land is super dry. climate is hot. anything that is green is irrigated. terrain is pretty hilly. staying at a church in dayville, or. got showers, laundry, 56k dial up, and a place inside to sleep. we thought we were off the transam for the rest of oregon but we popped back on in austin junction. we will stay on the transam until redmond i believe. met this family a while ago in co. check it for our pic also write in the guest book. who is reading this crap? -dugg

Nuun fudge up: don't buy this crap

Wednesday September 23, 2009, 3,750 miles (6,035 km) - Total so far: 3,842 miles (6,183 km)

So we met some guys from a company called Nuun which makes some rehydration tablets without sugar that you add to water. Basically its gatorade tabs, but these things fucking suck. The should be called Nun because they have NO flavor. Anyways they loved our stories, asked our names and put them up on their Twitter account for all to see on their way to a bike show. Unfortunately, as you can see they promptly forgot our names and we are now Chad and Thomas. Good job duders, shit product, bad people skills, these guys are going NOWHERE. Enjoy:

more later.

-Cole Bear out

almost to the coast: party party party party party

currently in john day, or. looks like about 5 days too salem and then 2 days to the caost from salem. headed to dayville tonight. short ride today. only 30 miles. -dugg
cole drinking on the job. 10 miles to town

shower yesterday from the hose, was 94 degrees at 5 pm

sonny getting attacked by the sprinklers
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almost to the coast: party party party party party

we got passed by this thing

where we were going to camp at first until mayor jeff of brogan or came along and tried to sell us his 5 dollar tent sites by threatening us with the sheriff

where we camped after mayor jeff came. no sheriff came that night

anything cats, they eat rocks, cheerios, pound cake, fruit loops, and cig butts
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almost to the coast: party party party party party

small hotel room that cole got because of his food poisoning aka not cooking his food

chinese buffet to celebrate idaho

sonny's poop

more free conti breakfast
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I hate chinese food: especially underpriced "values" from Walmart

Thursday September 17, 2009

So we're stuck here in Mountain Home, ID because last night upon perusing walmart, I couldn't pass up a 5 for $2.50 Eggroll deal. I thought it would be nice to spice up the dinner menu since bagels and cheese is the usual, and I went ahead and bought them. I did not bother to search for a microwave to heat them up, cuz it was hot outside and I wanted to be refreshed. If only I knew what was to come.

(here's the part where I describe to you, in detail, about me throwing up andhaving the runs all night, get ready.)

Later that night my stomach was sending me a signal, which I percieved as hunger, so I ate some pop tarts before going to bed in the picnic area of the local park. A couple hours later, I wake up feeling very nauseous, and I realize that puking is imminent. So I get up as walk over to the bathroom and try to throw up, I know that I will feel better once whatever my body wants out was out. But I'm so tired and disoriented that I can't seem to push hard enough, so I decided to induce the vomit myself. I stick my index finger and middle finger together and shove them down my throat hard, and when I feel the gag coming I start to push and release the naughty food. Well guess what? out came a bunch of chewed up egg rolls, carrot shreds, lettuce, the bread part, and it was all coated with the complimentary dipping sauce! how nice!! So I think I'm all done and feeling better at this point, and I go to lay down after scrudding the barf bits out of my beard. But then an hour later I wake back up, feeling the nausea again. I strut over to the restroom and reclaim my seat on my throne, which was going to become the place I unfortunately hung out all night long. I went back and forth 5 times last night, pukling and shitting piss out of my asshole. Let me tell you, I had quite the set up going on. I dragged the trash can over to the toilet, so while I peed out my butt, I could simaltaneousely heave out orange colored chinese food flavored paste. When I was winding down from the episodes, I would lean back and kick one foot up on the trash can, and my other foot up on the handicap rail beside the toilet, which I used to brace my self for shitting/pukling. I really wish Dugg was there to take pictures, becuase it was quite a sight. By the end of the night in between falling asleep with my head half in the can, I had puked multiple times in the trash, the toilet, and I couldn't leave out the bathroom sink.

Tha brings us to today, we were supposed to go to Meridian ID but I cannot ride in this condition. I'm rehydrating slowly, and feeling a bit better, so hopefully tomorrow we can press on and get out of Idaho. We're getting a hotel tonight so I can puke in maximum comfort. I'm not thrilled about the experience, but even when you learn you can pee out of your butt, that's all part of the adventure.

-Cole Bear out

dont judge a library by its cover: slowest internet yet

Thursday September 17, 2009

just pics, can barely readwqhat i type. in mountain home id -dugg
splitting wood with pliers. what a good campsite at arco id

campsite in fairfield id

womens bathroom at the park in mtn home id
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The downhill state: easy ridin'

Monday September 14, 2009

Hey everyone! We're in Idaho! I'm writing to you from a library in Mud Lake ID, with a population of 270 people. Believe it or not that's a decent population for this Anyway, the ride into ID was great, the scenery is beautiful, the temperature is good, and the spirits are up because we are about 600 miles from the pacific coast!

Idaho is really funny to navigate, because it has a high longitudinal shape, and the central section is al wilderness, conservation, and national forest area. That means no cutting across the center, hence why we are traveling to Boise and then out. Idaho seems pretty outdoor oriented, in a different sense than Wyoming (all hunters). We have met and seen lots of mountain bikers, and apparently Driggs has a big biking scene since it has some good trails near the Teton region.

We slept in a dugout again last night at the highschool, and ducked out while football practice was going on. Today we are riding a short 51 mile day, then tomorrow we're pushing 86 miles. We'll be in OR soon enough, and I can't tell you how excited we are.

Today is a special day because it marks the 2 month date of how long we've been out. I have to say, it's going by quick, but at the same time, 62 days is a long time to be out biking and living the way we live. We eat mostly food from gas stations, we sleep on concrete, sidewalks, or the forest floor, we shower when it's free, we ride until our butts can't take it anymore, and we try to make the best of every situation that is thrown at us. Our senses of humor have really pulled us through most of this trip, and I'd like to say that we lost our minds somewhere in the Kansas flats, but we all know we were insane before we even started this trip. I think we're all a little exhausted, not to the point where we are tired, but in a sense that we grind our days away through our bicycle gears, and we take in so much scenery at once that sometimes it is overwhelming. We are learning more about this country than most people ever will in their entire lives. Dugg and I were talking this morning, and we both had no clue what any of these states were like before setting out, now we've experienced most of them, the only region of the US we haven't hit is the west coast.

We played a game last night, we tried to name every place we've stayed at starting from last night and working our way back, the order got a little blurry in kansas, and then in virginia I could barely remember anything. We did pretty well though considering how long it has been. I think that if I'm going to talk to anyone in detail about this trip, it's going to take a while for me to conjure up the exact memories of the days, because this has been a journey that is so dense with experiences that I almost get bottle necked on where to begin. I do however have my highlights, but I will save them for the end, because the trip is not over yet. The coast is going to be quite a sight, and everytime we are near a big body of water, I get a little faked out, I guess I am used to being close to an ocean most of my life. But once we get to Oregon, the party starts on our ride down to San Fran.

I would like to thank all the readers and my friends and family who read this journal, we're at over 30,000 hits right now, which I can't understand because we post some pretty lewd material on here, but we're real about it, and maybe that's why people like to read this, or maybe it's because ya'll can't get enough of our butt shots and pooping pictures. Who knows.

-Cole Bear out

u da ho: hot girls everywhere in idaho, no joke

Monday September 14, 2009

picked up a new front tire in west yellowstone, mt. needed a new tire since estes park, co. showered for the first time in a week in ashton, id. we used the rv dump station to shower, was great. even had a crowd watching. slept at the highschool dugout last night in west jefferson highschool/terreton, id. pics as usual below. sign the guestbook and leave a message. -dugg
cole's new 6 ft atv flag. it sticks out into the road.

this is what they do in mud lake, id
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u da ho: hot girls everywhere in idaho, no joke

old faithful in yellowstone, nothing special. you can see it at the mall fountain

they even have directions to free food

free conti breakfast round 2

shower at the rv dump station
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