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All American Challenge: Snow in August

Tuesday September 8, 2009

Hey readers! Chiming in from beautiful Wyoming right now! This state has some unreal scenescapes, but not much in the ways of services. We pass through towns that are anywhere from 30 people to 1000. Tonight we're lucky enough to be at Rawlins with 9000 people! WHOA! A hunter told us that each animal species here has more in the population than the human population of Wyoming itself, which is very believable when you bike through it.

We rode over Trail Ridge Rd in Colorado. The ride was intense, we climbed to over 12,000 ft elevation, where you could feel your lungs hurting, and it even started snowing. There's something about riding my bike up a mountain in August, in the snow that put a smile on my face, which I'm sure most of the tourists in cars thought was crazy. But when we arrived at the visitor center up top and stopped to eat before riding a GNARLY downhill, we drew a huge crowd around us. I could barely get a change to get my food out and gear together without being stopped and questioned by some interested tourist.

We didn't see any Moose yet, but in Estes we camped next to an entire herd of elk, around 25 all night we walking 10 feet away from us and grazing on the grass in the baseball field while we slept in the dugout (our favorite place to squat).

On the way down the Rockies I saw two large coyotes running around the woods, and a very swift fox in a field. But my favorite thing I've seen so far are the Pronghorn. They are the fastest land animal in the North American Continent. They can hit speeds of up to 60mph, and when I tied to race them I lost (obviously). It's really quite a sight to witness these things take off though, I have to slow down and watch everytime we see them in the prairie.

I think I'm going to head out and eat some dinner before setting up camp in the local school's dugout. For the next two days we know where we are heading but after that, we are probably going to backwoods camp to the best of our abality. Yellowstone Park is coming up, then after that we are going to B-line it for Portland because we here good things about that place. From there Florence, then party every night until San Fran. This journey is on day 52, but we still have a lot of awesome days ahead of us, and the rides can only get better from here. Dinner awaits, goodnight duders!

I'll leave with a pic of a pronghorn, since they are so radical:

-Cole Bear out

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