Saturday, May 8, 2010

Almost ready to leave

Sunday July 12, 2009

I drove up to Boston on Friday to visit my older brother one last time, and to pick up Dugg for the trip. I had a good time chilling with Erich, ate good food, had a good scooter ride, I'm going to miss him but I am thankful for his constant support and advice.

Chelsea will be coming to my house in CT Sunday around noon. Dugg and I took a short ride across town today, and then spent the night loading and sorting our gear and fitting things to the bike. I think the funniest project that will be going on during the trip is how to mount the solar powered FM radio to the outside of the bike so we can have tunes on the go.

When I picked up Dugg, it was clear after talking with his dad, that Dugg had not told him a single detail about this trip. His dad loves to talk apparently, and I had to humor him and answer all the basic questions about where we will stay, how will we get back, etc. (things Dugg should have ran his parents through already).

Sunday we're going on a quick morning ride with my dad on his pristine hybrid bike that I pulled out of the basement the other day and cleaned up for him. It will be a nice time to bike with the two wheeled tyrant who got the biking instilled in my genes when I became a fertilized egg.

I think that is about it for tonight, I updated the equipment list with most of my goods, if there are any questions as always send us an email or write in the guestbook and we will try to respond as soon as we sneak into the next computer room at the current local library. I will try to update at least one more time before our departure to VA Monday morning.

I'll leave with a simple quote that got me thinking a lot about personal awareness: "The foot feels the foot when it feels the ground"

-Cole Bear out

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