Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cole signing on!: co author is here

Monday July 6, 2009

Hey everyone! Cole here, just thought I'd put some work into this thing too. as of right now we have less than a week before take off. Our good friend Chelsea has been nice enough to offer a ride to VA and will be camping with us the first night before we put the pedals in motion.

I think both Dugg and I are very excited at this point, we have everything we need, we just want to get a move on and start the journey of a lifetime. To me, this trip is more exciting than graduating college was. My life works one step at a time, not a lot of planning, so right now I live to bike across the country with my friend. It intrigues/interests/scares/bothers/inspires/etc. people to hear about this trip. All I've been getting are a bunch of questions that I don't have answers to. "what will you eat?" "where will you stay?" "how will you shower?" "how long will it take?" "how will you get back?". As an explorer, the best way I can answer all of these with one statement is this; if I knew all of the answers already, there would be no point in me taking this trip. Life is an adventure, whether we fall, rise, stop, go, hang out, work hard, laugh, cry, or yell, it's all part of the adventure. I'll leave tonight with a quote that I will try to keep in the back of my head during my travels, and most of my life from now on.

"The true traveler is without goal, it is the absence of goals which creates the ultimate traveler."

-Cole Bear out

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