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The downhill state: easy ridin'

Monday September 14, 2009

Hey everyone! We're in Idaho! I'm writing to you from a library in Mud Lake ID, with a population of 270 people. Believe it or not that's a decent population for this Anyway, the ride into ID was great, the scenery is beautiful, the temperature is good, and the spirits are up because we are about 600 miles from the pacific coast!

Idaho is really funny to navigate, because it has a high longitudinal shape, and the central section is al wilderness, conservation, and national forest area. That means no cutting across the center, hence why we are traveling to Boise and then out. Idaho seems pretty outdoor oriented, in a different sense than Wyoming (all hunters). We have met and seen lots of mountain bikers, and apparently Driggs has a big biking scene since it has some good trails near the Teton region.

We slept in a dugout again last night at the highschool, and ducked out while football practice was going on. Today we are riding a short 51 mile day, then tomorrow we're pushing 86 miles. We'll be in OR soon enough, and I can't tell you how excited we are.

Today is a special day because it marks the 2 month date of how long we've been out. I have to say, it's going by quick, but at the same time, 62 days is a long time to be out biking and living the way we live. We eat mostly food from gas stations, we sleep on concrete, sidewalks, or the forest floor, we shower when it's free, we ride until our butts can't take it anymore, and we try to make the best of every situation that is thrown at us. Our senses of humor have really pulled us through most of this trip, and I'd like to say that we lost our minds somewhere in the Kansas flats, but we all know we were insane before we even started this trip. I think we're all a little exhausted, not to the point where we are tired, but in a sense that we grind our days away through our bicycle gears, and we take in so much scenery at once that sometimes it is overwhelming. We are learning more about this country than most people ever will in their entire lives. Dugg and I were talking this morning, and we both had no clue what any of these states were like before setting out, now we've experienced most of them, the only region of the US we haven't hit is the west coast.

We played a game last night, we tried to name every place we've stayed at starting from last night and working our way back, the order got a little blurry in kansas, and then in virginia I could barely remember anything. We did pretty well though considering how long it has been. I think that if I'm going to talk to anyone in detail about this trip, it's going to take a while for me to conjure up the exact memories of the days, because this has been a journey that is so dense with experiences that I almost get bottle necked on where to begin. I do however have my highlights, but I will save them for the end, because the trip is not over yet. The coast is going to be quite a sight, and everytime we are near a big body of water, I get a little faked out, I guess I am used to being close to an ocean most of my life. But once we get to Oregon, the party starts on our ride down to San Fran.

I would like to thank all the readers and my friends and family who read this journal, we're at over 30,000 hits right now, which I can't understand because we post some pretty lewd material on here, but we're real about it, and maybe that's why people like to read this, or maybe it's because ya'll can't get enough of our butt shots and pooping pictures. Who knows.

-Cole Bear out

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