Saturday, May 8, 2010

dugg writing somthing for once in my life

Monday July 27, 2009

soo my elbow is doing fine. it still oozes crap now and then but its all scabbed over. to all those asking about the nurse, yes she was hot. i fell in love because she filled my water bottles(with ice!), got me water and dinner. the riding has been going well and my butt has been feeling better. we had some late starts here and there but we are doing it. the gas station diet is the best thing ever. the dollar store has cheap food too. the dogs in kentucky are no joke so we got some tobasco sauce and a spray bottle for them. got a short day today, we are finishing the second half of the ride from last night.

camping at the park in wytheville va

my wound after 36 hrs. the troutville va fire dept irrigated the wound and let me shower

this tire snapped off a trailer about 100 yrds away in front of me

creeper trail. they loved it in damascus va
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