Saturday, May 8, 2010

Flat state: where the water has floaties

Friday August 21, 2009

Hey everyone! We're still in Kansas, we will be in Colorado by sunday night. After that it will take about 3-4 days to get to Boulder where we will be visiting our friend Sean and hanging out for a bit. Sonny is meeting us after not seeing him since Harrisburg, IL. We have an awesome present for him and we will take lots of pictures of the reunion.

Kansas is really nice, it has been cooler here than usual for the time of the year, and we've ridden heavy winds and intense storms, but at least we're not dehydrating. Some sections have absolutely nothing though, and I don't just mean they're flat, but we have ridden a couple of days where there are no stops or services to refill water or get food for 60 miles at a time, we we ride prepared. The people in Kansas are fantastic though, they are all super friendly and love talking to us bikers.

We stayed in Larned the other night, it was a nice city park with a great fountain that Dugg and I jumped into to cool off since the pool was closed. We met some awesome girls while they were "ridin the gutter". This meant they drove around all night from the park, to the Sonic fast food joint, down main street, and over again. Apparently all the kids in town did it, I don't think I'll ever understand it. Must be a midwest thing.

That night after we had rinsed off in the fountain, I was changing in the women's bathroom because it was night time and no one was around, and it was closer. Then I hear a car pull up outside and the doors open and shut. I think "oh shit". Then i heard some approahing girls voices. "Double shit". I rush to put my shorts on but by the time the girls open the door I'm only in my underwear. They look mortified and let out an "oh wow" as they leave. I start laughing histerically because I waved bye-bye to my dignity a long time ago. I put on my shorts and come outside and start talking to them. I apologize for scaring them, I imagine the last thing they expected to see upon entering the restroom was a half naked tall bearded tattooed man dripping wet. I explained to them the situation, we all laughed. Dugg was over at a picnic table, he was cracking up the whole time because he watched them walk in and didn't stop them because he knew how funny it would be. What a good friend.I asked the girls why they were perusing the park after hours, and it turns out they were college girls on a "booze cruise" and were stopping to use the bathroom. They offered us some beer and we gladly obliged.

There is always something happening on this trip, and it's funny but biking has taken the back burner to events like this. We're making good time, we're over halfway to Oregon now. From Boulder, I calculated it will be at most another 28 days to get to Oregon, then we will be heading to San Francisco which should be another 10 days or so. After that, I plan to take a train home. I hope everyone out there is having a good time wrapping up their summer, we're still out on the vacation of a lifetime. Take care readers!

-Cole Bear out

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