Saturday, May 8, 2010

Get me out of this state: not enough hot sauce

KY is full of dogs. dogs dogs dogs. i think i have sprayed a total of like 11 dogs in the face with hot sauce, and it works, but for fuck's sake, these KY people really don't give a shit about their dogs. i saw 2 dead in the road and one who had just been hit with a broken leg. Das, i wish you were there to help it.

Anyway we are officially in Berea, which means our insane climbs have stopped. We camped last night at a hostel pavilion with Three young guys, and a couple from New Zealand. They told us to take Katy Trail through Missouri instead of the TransAm because it shaves off a couple of days and will be a lot of fun. It offroad, but we will be able to manage because the path is hardpacked dirt.

No clue where Sonny is today, he hasn't really been feeling the riding the past couple of days, going to bed late and such. Hope to see him soon.

I'm going to be mailing home a lot of things when i get to springfield KY. the list:
unused triple A batteries
one pair of shitty bike shorts
one shirt i don't wear
water filter is unnecessary
1 pound of soap is also not needed
binoculars are too heavy, too fragile, and have remained in the bottom of my bag.

That should shed some good weight, and hopefully we will be picking up the mileage now. I have no idea where we are staying tonight, but i'm going to go eat my dinner and try and figure that out.

P.S. - Sean we're not going through those states, thankfully.

-Cole Bear out

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