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Illinoise: Easy ridin'

Wednesday August 5, 2009

So it's been a while since I've written anything. we're out of Kentucky thankfully. We stayed with a Pastor and his wife in Sebree KY the last night, which was interesting. There was a gathering for the youth center at the church and there was some snacks going around. I was offered some chicken chip dip, and declined telling the folks I am a vegetarian. Then a young girl asks me why I am a vegetarian. She was about 14 or so, so she knows the difference between right and wrong by now. I tell her "I don't eat meat because I don't believe in killing animals." She replies "Well god put those animals here for us to eat."

.....................................................................................................................................ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!?!?!?!?!?

This is exactly the kind of attitude that ignorant religious people conjure up in their youth. God made this world for us to exploit and jesus died for our sins so we can trash the planet and do whatever we want. It was the hardest night of my life staying at that church hostel, because I had to keep my mouth shut and bite my tongue. The only thing that kept me from speaking out was that I was going to eat all their food and sleep there that night. At dinner I left, after eating the cake I helped bake, to take a crap. When I came back the pastor and his wife had Sonny, Dugg, Kristen, and Mark (new friends going east bound) holding hands in a circle praying. I had to hold in my laughter. I put my hands on Dugg and Sonny's shoulders and starting groping their necks and touching them inappropriately. I could see them trying so hard to contain their laughter and it was hilarious. But honestly, these fucking people were praying to the lord to help Sonny with his broken wheel. WHAT THE FUCK?! Is jesus going to come down with his magical bike wrench and his sacred tire replacement kit and use fucking faith to repair the wheel himself? I don't think so. I think the religious zones we were in have died down a little bit since we left Kentucky, and I'm glad.

Upon arriving in IL we called up my oldest cousin's in-laws and stayed with them in Harrisburg. They have a great place, and welcomed us with open arms. It was the first time I've me them, and hopefully not the last. Both Janet and Larry were wonderful, and of course, they fed us well. It also marks the first time I've slept in a bed in 2 months, the last time was the night before college graduation. We took a rest day there while Sonny headed on to get his wheel fixed in Carbondale, where we are now. We are going to meet back up with him in St. Louis before heading out on the Katy Trail.

I think during week one we had to get used to the physical aspect of biking long distance everyday.

During the second week, we still had to grasp that this was not just a small trip, but had to become our lifestyle, eating, biking, camping, etc.

Then we had to comprehend the time frame in which we are traveling, and the relative momentum of this trip.

Now I think we have the hang of it, last saturday we biked 104 miles in one day, and honestly it was a fun ride, and i could do it again in a heartbeat. I was actually really excited because it felt so great to accomplish riding 100+ miles in one day straight.

This trip is getting better, the people are still somehow getting even nicer as we go along, and the girls are getting much more attractive as we head west. I think there really is a direct correlation there.

Anyway, I'll leave with a quote, something I haven't done in a while.
"The core of mans' spirit comes from new experiences."

Big shout out to:
Kristen and Mark
Jackson and Heather
Doug L and his friends
Larry and Janet
Hannah Henshaw (hotty at the pizza joint)

-Cole Bear out

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