Saturday, May 8, 2010

In and Out: quickie

Saturday September 12, 2009

We got into MT yesterday, we'll be here for about ten miles then into ID. real quick, today we leave the TransAm for good and start winging it really hard. here is our route from now on:,+Oregon+to:netarts+or+to:S+Hwy-101%2FN+Coast+Hwy%2FOregon+Coast+Hwy%2FUS-101+to:OR-101%2FOregon+Coast+Hwy%2FUS-101+to:Oregon+Coast+Hwy%2FUS-101+to:CA-1%2FS+Main+St+to:CA-1%2FCoast+Hwy+to:37.916034,-122.703552+to:San+Francisco,+California&geocode=%3BFdZ6mAIdaDJJ-Q%3BFXhZlQIdIlIp-Q%3B%3BFUajmwId2m8I-Q%3BFYjioQIdyjwA-Q%3BFSYbqAIdMJrx-A%3B%3BFcCbtQId91me-A%3B%3BFdqGqwIdHuqa-A%3BFfx8ogIdbiya-A%3BFS7akAId4JaV-A%3BFfyxWQIdHN6e-A%3BFQ_uTQId_v2k-A%3B%3BFWZnQAId9we0-A&hl=en&mra=dpe&mrcr=4&mrsp=15&sz=9&via=1,2,4,5,6,10,11,12,13,14,15&sll=38.032949,-122.632141&sspn=0.975658,1.760559&ie=UTF8&z=9

You can also track our progress via GPS from Sonny's beacon here:

As far as Yellowstone goes I'll make it quick. Old Faithful was not as cool as some Shopping Mall fountains I've seen, the bison were really cool, the rest was just boring woods that you weren't allowed to go in, the place was way too crowded with ignorant tourists, and the campsites suck. All in all, Grand Teton National Park is way more amazing. The views were gorgeous, the campsites were nicely set up, the people were pretty good, and the trails were nice. We can't upload photos on these computers but we'll be sure to put them up next time around, whenever that is. We gotta head out, but keep checking ou GPS tracker to see where we are! and have fun, because pretty much what I'm learning from this trip is that the point of life is to have fun.

-Cole Bear out

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