Saturday, May 8, 2010

Interstate 55, the worst idea Dugg ever had: St. Louis let-down

Monday August 10, 2009

After my doctor prescribed downtime, we became fast superstars in Chester IL. We were saught out by a kind hospital worker, Dori who had talked to my mom and offered all sorts of help. She found us sulking around a bench at Walmart and told us the fire department would feed us and put us up for the night.

On our way to the fire dept, a couple pulled their truck over on the road and started shouting our names. As it turns out, Dori had talked to them and they wanted to put us up for the night and feed us, an easy meal for us. Gail and his wife Julie couldn't have given us a warmer welcome, as we loaded up our bikes into Gail's truck and headed back to their house for a shower. They took us out to a buffet, and when we entered and the waitress came up, she said "hey I know you guys! you were at the volleyball game, you're the bikers right?" It was clear that Dugg and I had already been in this small town for far too long. I guess a whacked out asian kid and a guy who likes like a mix between a caveman and jesus sporting tank-like-bikes can't get away with laying low for too long in a town of a couple hundred. As it turns out, all the girls who worked at the buffet that night were at the volleyball game, so we got a nice serving of eye candy with our dinners.

Chester, the Popeye capitol of the world, was a friendly place, and we took 2 unexpected offdays there. We appreciate everything everyone did to help us there, from the complimentary hospital sex and brownies, to the 300 walmart visits we made just to see Kacie the hot girl who worked there, to watching saturday morning cartoons at Gail and Julie's, it was a lot of fun.

I'm feeling better now, so we deciding to push on to St. Louis. We took Rt 3 all the way up, which was pretty easy going, but then it merged with a major highway and interstate. But it was still Rt 3 so we were legally allowed to be on it.....I think. Then we saw the famous St. Louis Arch, but our road was leading us away from it. I-55 went straight to the city, but it's an interstate and illegal for us to travel on, not to mention dangerous. Did I say dangerous? sounds fun! At the split, I told Dugg I'm down to ride wherever, I really don't care, so it was his cal on what he wanted to do, and guess what he said to me? "It's all part of the adventure." Well how the hell am I supposed to turn that down right? So we braved the interstate for about a third of a mile, no shoulder, tons of glass (thanks Kevlar tires), and millions of cars flying by at 80 mph. We got off the first exit, and there was a cop right at the bottom. He didn't even notice it, I think he was too busy deciding what flavor doughnut he wanted for his lunch break.

Anyway, St. Louis was a very disappointing city, the library was closed, all the shops were closed, the only bike store we could find was a STAUNCHY roadie shop filled with pretentious Lance wannabe's, and the Panera Bread was called St. Louis bread, imposters. We were all but ready to set up and squat in a park for the night, when a woman approached us and asked us about our trip. We told her the usual details, and she offered her place to crash for the night. Carolyn and her husband Terry were awesome, they lived in a commune downtown, and offered us an extra bedroom as well as a well needed shower (99 degrees all day) and some snacks (fresh peaches and pasta salad). Terry was an avid biker, and told us there was no way out of the city that was feasible, so he drove us to the Katy Trail this morning.

We're getting kicked out of this shitty library, that's it for now.

-Cole Bear out

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