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Kansas: looking forward to boredom

Tuesday August 18, 2009

So I am going to try and make this quick before I make a special post, but knowing myself, it won't be short.

Random things to start off:

First of all Emerald was right, armadillos are the worst smelling roadkill of all time.

Dugg and I have developed a theory called the Western Correlation: girls get hotter as you move west. It's true.

Missouri was a lot of fun but I was drunk most of the time so I can't recall a lot of the nights. I think we're going to save drinking and buffet excursions for the last night of each state from now on.

We crossed over an interstate illegally because we did not want to take a detour and there was no bridge to overpass it. Interstate trek #2 for the trip.

Dugg is really weird about his chocolate preferences, and even by the end of this trip I will probably never understand it.

We found the best jars of jelly ever and made a special trip just to acquire them and mail them home. jelly is a hard item to pack efficiently.

tailwinds are the best things in the world. nothing beats riding 20mph effortlessly on flat ground.

Riding through insane storms is actually nice because all the lightning across the horizon gives us something to look at.

Dan aka the Flash, hope your bike is fixed and maybe in our wildest dreams we'll catch you out west.

James good luck on the rest of your trip, I have confidence that you'll beat the world record and bike around the world.

Ok well now I think I'm going to spend some time posting some interesting facts that might intrigue some of the readers. Click next page to read...

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