Saturday, May 8, 2010

katy trail and st louis: st louis bread co

Monday August 10, 2009

cole and i stayed in chester fat too long. we became locals and everyone knew us. we were spotted by one of the vollyball players at reid's. she noticed us from the night before. we also went to walmart far to many times in 2 days. we left left chester yesterday and rode into st louis. ride to st lous was flat and we had a slight tail wind. ride was going well until we hit st louis. we either had to go on the interstate or ride a few miles to the other bridge that i did not know about until we were on the interstate. i chose to take the interstate and we got on and their was no shoulder. to my right i saw another bridge that looked more pedestrian and bike friendly. the bridge on the interstate had no shoulder and tons of glass on the road. we made it across the mississippi fine but it was scary. the city of st louis was kind of a let down. down town was empty and the "loop" where all the shops were was kind of dead, i thought it would be hoppin like harvard square. the bike shop was snobby bot cole got what he needed. we got on the katy trail today and it is flat, easy riding. we are in agusta, mo right now. -dugg

cole right after we got off the interstate/bridge with no shoulder on the bridge. it was my great idea, i thought how bad could it be

eating, on the way to st louis with a slight tail wind, was great

st louis bread co? more like panera bread. we took all their ice and water

eating breakfast today at some casino in st charles. i think it was called ameristar
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