Saturday, May 8, 2010

kensucky, the inside yardsale: dogs dogs dogs

Wednesday July 29, 2009

so today i was spraying some dumb dog and i dumped the bike again. messed up my other elbow. as i crest a hill a dog comes out on to the road so i spray it with the sauce. as i do this im in too low of a gear and dont have any speed to keep the bike stable. so i was busy spraying the shit out of the dog and then the bike slips out from under me at like 4 mph. best crash ever. elbow is fine, cleaned it up and put some gauze on it. im about to pull off the gauze in the library bathroom. some pics below. -dugg

eastern kentucky is trashy and dirty. look at all this trash in the road

sonny and cole resting and eating on the side of the road

cole: "inside yardsale? isnt that called a store" much laughter comes from this

me cruising
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