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Quickfire Virginia: lightning round update

Monday July 20, 2009

Real quick, we're gonna make this bullet points here because we need to keep riding today and a lot has happened.

Stayed at Mineral Volunteer Fire Dept. Those guys are the best, hooked us up with AC, TV, Couches, Tent space, Showers, and I watched Ghostbusters on AMC. Fantastic. Met Sonny from IL, been riding with him since.

Rode to Charlottesville, made lots of friends, stayed at a woman's house (Shell) who worked for the Bike Co-op in town. Hung out with her awesome son Emerson and headed out the next day.

Rode to Afton, saved 3 box turtles from becoming roadkill, climbed the steepest 2 miles of our lives, met June Curry aka "The Cookie Lady" and stayed in her bike house, a legitimate bicycle touring shrine. Ate like kings, prepared for the huge ride ahead, the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Rode the Blue Ridge, I'm not going to lie, we wanted to find a way around it because of how scary the elevation profile is on the map. But June assured us that the climb prior to her house is labeled "the worst". Blue Ridge was gorgeous, I have to say, but 30 miles straight of climbing to 3200 feet elevation was tiring. The downhill was even SCARIER.

Ten miles of straight down decent through cutbacks. We were all a little scared but very amped that we conquered the Blue Ridge climbs. we spaced out, first Sonny, then me, then Dugg. The turns were VERY sketchy, I hit over 40mph, and had a few close calls. After I met Sonny at the bottom we waited for Dugg. No Dugg. A couple more minutes go by, still no Dugg. I start to get worried. I drink some gatorade, and start pumping back up the steep hill, he sould have been there by now and I was running more off of adrenaline then the electrolytes. Finally a car comes with him in it and they say they'll meet me at the bottom. Dugg crashes on the first sketchy turn, ripped his arm open, got up and the nicest man I have met in my life, Mike from Richmond, picked him up and was also equipped with a bike rack. He took Dugg to the hospital while Sonny and I headed to Mallard Duck Campground where I told Dugg i would wait for him as long as it took, even if it were a couple of days. I sat, wrote over 8 pages in my journal, and ate to refuel the muscles in my legs from the abrupt rescue climb. Mike pulls into camp, tells us Dugg is ready to come back and drives us to the hospital. I walk in and Dugg has the biggest grin on his face, his bike is lined up next to the wheelchairs in the front doors, and he's yelling about how fun it was and how they fed him like a superstar at the hospital. Dugg is ok, I laughed all night, I don't think I know anyone who could have such a blast at the hospital, and he fell in love with the nurse. This trip literally gets better everday. We're on our way to Troutville park tonight, a free campsite, and then to a guy who runs a bike house that June told us about in Radford for tomorrow. That's all, gotta ride.
down hill riding. sit on your sleeping bag for aero position and ass comfort

living like kings at the mineral vol fire dept. showers/kitchen and we chilled inside till the sun went down and went to the tent for the night

sonny loves animals

june curry and the cookie lady bike house
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