Saturday, May 8, 2010

riding katy so hard: she broke my wheel

Thursday August 13, 2009

so day one on the katy trail we end up riding 95 miles. we started the day dicking around in small towns and stopping at every trail head. mid day we decide to stay in tebbets due to the promise of indoor facilities and bunks. we rode until dark and did 15 miles in the dark with lights. we got to the house and the key was not on the pole like the flyer said so cole turned the knob a bit and pushed the door open. we get in and find a guy sleeping. turns out this guy is hiking the katy trail. he left early in the morning.

day 2 of the katy trail we get to boonville. this would be a 60 mile ride or so. we goto jefferson city to get some food and move on for the day. we meet nasem and he catches up to us that day and pushes to boonville wiht us. he saw out cheese and bagel dinner and offers to cook up some pasta for us. he also got some wine and cole had some. that night cole and i head to main st pub in town and the casino. the bar was pretty cheap with 3 dollar pitchers. the casino was kind of small and not what we were looking for. the bar had this creepy guy jeff in their. he almost died when he took a sip out of out pitcher. so cole gets drunk that night and is falling from laughing so hard. he almost couldnt get the tent set up.

yesterday i stopped at the post office to get some bike parts to swap out my handle bars. the library charged a dollar to use the internet so cole didnt get on the computer. i worked on the bike all morning and early afternoon. the sidewalk outside of the library had parts everywhere and i had to rember where i dropped everything. i got the bike finished and head to the post office to mail a bunch of stuff i took off home. during the ride yesterday i found out my front wheel was out of true. i am pretty sure one of the rough sections of the katy trail knocked it out of round. my back wheel has a slow leak but i have not had the time ot look at it. i just pump it up in the morning. we did a short 40 mile ride that day

today we are doing a 35 mile ride from sedalia to clinton.

also changed the title to eating all your food across the country. we dont say no to free food/food that is offered to us. we tend to eat all the food that is offered to us.

worst store, they only have one of each item.

sunset as we arrive in boonville. boonville was a casino town apparently

cole couldnt find the hole in the tent. what a drunk
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