Saturday, May 8, 2010

Starting Kentucky off with a BANG!: Literally the worst day ever

Monday July 27, 2009

So we finally got out of VA (Sean tell your mom we DID make it past Virginia). The last couple of days were fun, in Damascus we ate good food and stayed at a hostel with some Appalachian Trail Thru-Hikers. It was funny that some of them were jealous of our trip, while i want to hike the AT too, the grass is always greener. We all exchanged stories of bears, snakes, crazy drivers, and Dugg pooping his pants during spring break.

So we met a group of (old fart) bikers coming from the west who warned us about the dogs in Kentucky. We had heard a lot already through the grapevine, but man, once we crossed that border, it was all true. KY so far is nothing but coal trucks and wild dogs. Luckily we got 60 cent tobasco sauce and put it in spray bottles, it stops the dogs dead in their tracks.
The people here clearly don't like us bikers, the drivers always honk at us, and the locals sit on their porch and literally threaten us with their dogs. For example, a dog was barking and I jokingly said "Quiet pooch" and the retard owners said "you want us to set it free?" and I responded "Go ahead, I have pepper spray" to which they replied "That won't do you any good" and I said "well it will really hurt your dog".

So I ended up shooting 3 dogs yesterday, it's really sad how the people neglect these animals, and trash this state too, it's very polluted here. the south really is full of a bunch of religious idiots, and KY is the prime example of this.

We got rained in our last night in VA, terrible thunderstorm knocked a couple trees over near our campsite. The lightning sounded like it just missed our tent. We waited out all the rain until the next day. It rained for 14 hours, and we didn't get going until about 5PM. We decided to go to a hostel, which we then found out was closed, so we were going to push 70 miles starting at 5PM to the next town to grab a motel. We went to the dollar store and bought the cheapest, worst food we could find. I ate 4 cheese danishes and pounded a chocolate milk and then hammered out a quick 40 miles on the bike. By the time we got to Virgie, it was getting dark and we decided to try and ask the local Fire Dept. if we could camp there, unfortunately no one was there, we we went to the middle school next door and slept in the maintenance hallway ramp all night. I think we're going to be squatting like that more often. Today is a short 30 mile ride, hopefully it will be better than yesterday.

I am loving this dog business, it's quite the adrenaline rush.

People from the south are stupid.

There are far too many churches, we saw a bowling alley converting into a church, just the way god would want it.

5 post cards have been mailed out, I'm sure you will like them.

Enjoy the pics, that's all for now.

-Cole Bear out

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