Saturday, May 8, 2010

Virginia: Land of the Killer Squirrels

Wednesday July 15, 2009, 92 miles (148 km) - Total so far: 92 miles (148 km)

So we have accomplished 92.1 miles in our first two days so far, and we're still not at the 2nd campsite for the night. Dugg and I have enjoyed traveling on the beautiful Virginia roads, taking in the smells, and seeign the.....fields...and..historical battlegrounds..and.............churches. that's literally all there is here, but the riding is great, people seem nice, and the weather is holding up well.

Last night and this morning we spent the entire time at the campsite fending off the most ballsy squirrels I've ever encountered. Within 5 minutes of us leaving camp to get water and piss, one of the monsters ate a whole through Dugg's front pannier bag. We couldn't believe it. We rigged up the most intense pulley system to hang the food, and the next morning the same squirrel chewed a hole through one of Dugg's water bottles. They love him. Today was a long day, still not done for the night. CHEESE IS AMAZING. after 60 miles of riding in the sticky Virginia heat, a hunk of cheddar really hits the spot.

The campsites are supposed to be payed for, but I think we're going to keep just setting up without a pass as long as we can get away with it. The library in Mechanicsville is literally in a shopping plaza. The place is set up like a TJ Maxx of free books. Gotta love the south.

Anyway, Dugg is uploading some photos, we hope you all enjoy them. Oh and also a HUUUGE thanks to Chelsea for #1 Driving us to VA, and B. putting up with us for like 9 hours in the car. We hope you made it home safely Chels, and we will write everyone postcards in the weeks to come.

-Cole Bear out
cole driving

cole and i before we start our journey

squrrell ate my water bottle. ARE U SERIOUS

panera bread for nate
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